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Our physicians and nurse practitioners are available for video telemedicine (video visit) appointments.

Approved reasons for a Telemedicine visit:


Diaper rash Thrush
Rash without fever Pink Eye (>3 years) Impetigo
Cellulitis Abdominal Pain > 5 days
Bug bites/scabies Injuries
Small abscesses (not requiring a culture or draining) Ingrown toenails
Swimmer’s ear Ear Pain > 6years old
Newborn rash without other symptoms Cough/Cold symptoms without fever Seasonal Allergies
Infant or toddler feeding questions Sleep questions
Mild vomiting and/or diarrhea in older children > 4 years old Eczema
Injection site reactions ADHD
Mild depression/anxiety/behavior issues


Our end goal is always to keep our patients and staff safe and healthy.


Please call our office to schedule an appointment via telemedicine or in office
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